DIID Founder: Jeff Brown

The Mission

The vision for DIID was borne from a chess club I started a in college. As the club grew I became a servant-leader, shepherding neurodivergent students from across the spectrum of diagnoses. They were the smart kids; I did my best to fit in and hold the space. The club thrived because we came for the chess and stayed sometimes 7 hours/day for 4 days a week—for the conversation.

Later, having had the privilege to design solutions for millions of people at startups and enterprises, I've rarely met a colleague who reminded me of my friends from chess club. We're not often recruited for leadership or management roles, as interviewing can test our social fluency and visibility for promotion.

This realization motivates me to advocate for more inclusion and empowerment initiatives for the neurodivergent, because I don't agree that neurodivergence should preclude you from leading the way.

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