Shifting from Disabled to Divergent

Natural differences are not dysfunctions, but important diversity—in communities and in the workforce.

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It's time to have a conversation

Stigma and shame undermine the neurodivergent as well as the companies that can benefit from their talents.

Understanding Neurodiversity

Brains differ just like bodies. These differences are important variations in how we process information and take action in our lives and work.

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Diagnoses are Disabling

Ironically, stigma is borne from medical diagnosis. The medical model of disability links a disability to an individual's body. There is another way.

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Prolific Underemployment

17% of those with serious mental illnesses are employed. The majority of disabled Americans are underemployed, at best. We have a plan.

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Another Way Forward

The social model of disability can alleviate stigma, by fostering
open conversation about the ideas that disable progress and inclusion.

Enable the disabled

Workforce empowerment to include skill framing, personal branding, and portfolio building

Ready the workplace

Accommodations include job design and adjustments to supervisory methods

Recruit and include

Source and vet neurodivergent talent for potential and creativity

Let's Get to Work

By embracing the paradigm of neurodiversity, industry can benefit from minds that can't help but think differently.

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